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OatInformation is the leading global provider of oat market information. Our company is fully independent, privately owned, and backed by 80 combined years of experience in the oat industry. We focus only on oats and are not involved in physical trading of any kind. This allows Oatinformation to work unbiased for clients.

Oatinformation has been providing in-depth, insightful research to the global oat industry for over 40 years and is internationally recognized as the definitive source for oat-related information.

The company’s extensive understanding of global oat markets and wide-ranging industry contacts have provided oat clients with a unique and focused perspective not found anywhere else. 

Our strategy at Oatinformation is to deliver critical market driving information to oat clients, in-depth analysis leading to improved price discovery, and identification of market opportunities for their oat business. 

Who uses our services?

Food companies, oat millers and processors, trading companies, equine feed manufacturers, importers/exporters, Governments, and oat growers around the world rely on Oatinformation to provide critical information that improves their profitability and understanding of the factors that impact their oat industries.

The company is based in  Minneapolis, British Columbia, Canada with staff spread across several North American locations. Information partners worldwide provide a local perspective to our oat reports.

Who we are

President Randy Strychar and Dennis Galbraith have been involved in the global oat industry for a combined 80 years working. Their extensive understanding of the milling/processing sectors and trade market dynamics, along with their wide-ranging industry contacts provides clients with the type of information they need to improve their understanding of their oat markets.

What we provide

Oatinformation has undertaken numerous proprietary studies for major corporate oat clients around the world. Clients in a competitive industry highly value the ability of Oatinformation to discreetly research and analysis oat markets.

These are just a few recent samples of Oatinformation’s research work.

1.       Global Strategic Oat Study

2.       North American Oat Milling Industry Overview

3.       Latin America Oat Study

4.       US Equine Markets

5.       North American Oat Products Outlook

6.       European Oat Products Outlook


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