Finnish oat exports year-to-date (Jul-Feb) are on a near-record pace at 242 ThMt. This compares with the record high of 256 ThMt in 2007/08 and the five-year average of 214 ThMt. 


The current pace, looking at historical data, would suggest total 2019/20 crop year exports of 330 to 350 ThMt. If realized, this would be up 10% to 16% YOY but below the five-year average of 321 ThMt.


After the drought-impacted 2918/19 crop year, Finland exports have recaptured much of their traditional demand base, mainly Germany, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands (containers/3rd country), Switzerland, and the US (see table pg. 2).  These six countries account for 91% of annual exports. 


Exports in 2020/21 should come in near 2019/20 forecasted levels of 330 to 350 ThMt.


The latest data from LUKE points to a further decline in the number of farmers growing oats in Finland (see below).  Numbers dropped to 21,716 growers in 2019, down 20% in the past seven years.